The WIMB makes music programs at Wilcox possible!

 DId you know that instruments, repairs, equipment, and participation in music events are not paid for by the School District? We organize and support fundraisers such as the fall bake sales, the band's participation in the Turkey Trot, and World's Finest Chocolate sales.  We help provide transportation, food, and general support for events. If you can help, please contact our vice president Margaret Bergmann at

WIMB Policies and Procedures

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members:

President: Mathew Thankachan

Vice President: Margaret Bergmann

Treasurer: Ron Starnes

Secretary: Diana Morlang

How we've helped

The WIMB has enabled the purchase of:

  • New choir risers
  • New drum sticks, mallets, and heads
  • Award plaques for our award-winning groups
  • Repairs for instruments such as our contrabass clarinet
  • Costumes and props for shows
  • Bus transportation to and participation in competitions
  • Repairs for percussion carts and racks
  • Rental truck for transporting instruments and equipment to Winter Percussion shows

WIMB volunteers have helped with:

  • fundraising bake sales at football games
  • organizing, supervision and transportation to Turkey Trot
  • moving and managing instruments and equipment at Winter Percussion shows